New 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil Talks With Mike Missanelli
Posted 7/9/2013 3:14:00 PM

Villanova grad and former MSG executive Scott O'Neil joined Mike Missanelli Tuesday to talk about becoming the new CEO of the Sixers. Here's his thoughts on the organization and what's ahead:

- Now is the time to buy in to the Sixers. "We'll have seats available that won't be available in the next two years"

- He thinks the Sixers must become "a part of the fabric" in Philly

- He feels his experience with reselling the Knicks and Rangers in New York is similar to what's in store for the Sixers

- "I hope this community gives (the Sixers) a chance"

- "We have a young team that may struggle to win on the court this season"

Posted By: Mike Missanelli  

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  1. DDeRosa posted on 07/09/2013 05:23 PM
    Let's be brutally honest here.. O'Neil is a con-man just like his boss, Wall Street vermin Josh Harris. Everything O'Neil says is either an exaggeration, a distortion or outright lie. There's absolutely no reason anyone should spend one penny of their hard-earned money to take their family or friends to see this 2013-14 Sixers team unless you are going to see the opponent.

    The Sixers could have been a contenting team this year without this intentional dumping of games that will be taking place. Billionaire Wall Street rat Harris could simply target big name free agents with the intention of going over the cap. Then once the team shows life this season, they could have made a strong push to acquire marquee free agents. And if ownership took a big loss for a couple years, so be it..Billionaire Wall St slime who profit off of the $85billon month the Federal Reserve is pumping into stocks ($2 million per second) can afford it..

    Instead we're all supposed to be excited to buy tickets to watch a 15 win team.. Bleep that
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