Eagles CB Cary Williams Says He "Doesn't Have To Explain Himself" Regarding Optional OTAs
Posted 6/7/2013 2:49:00 PM

Eagles CB, Cary Williams, joins Mike Missanelli to talk about missing OTAs, his family and the upcoming season. 

Posted By: Mike Missanelli  

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  1. TylerE posted on 06/07/2013 08:34 PM
    Williams is actually 100% correct.. Either make the OTA mandatory or accept they are voluntary which means the player chooses to attend or not. Personally I don't care if he attended or not.. none of my business what he does in his personal life and I wouldn't want him or anyone else having a say in mine. If he performs on Sunday and helps the team win, its all I care about.. If he stinks, then I will boo.. simple.
    1. DatL posted on 06/09/2013 11:41 PM
      @TylerE Totally agreed. We're lucky that Cary Williams even took his time to do the interview. He doesn't owe anyone any explanation. OTAs are voluntary. Period. Cary could skip OTAs to watching Finding Nemo for all I care. That's his business.
  2. SwellGuy7 posted on 06/08/2013 11:34 AM
    The guy sounded like a jerk, but if you give a jerk some leeway - i.e., that these OTAs are "not mandatory" even though every player attends them - then a jerk will walk through that loophole every time, if it suits him. That's why he's not wrong "technically," although he is wrong in terms of how a professional football player should conduct himself. Especially in a town like this. Go Birds!
    1. DatL posted on 06/09/2013 11:40 PM
      @SwellGuy7 I for one applaud Cary Williams for living his life how he wants to live instead of living in fear. Why should he care about our opinions? Does he owe the fans anything? Do the fans go to his daughter's birthday party? Do the fans help out his family at home? No. His loyalty is to his FAMILY. He has the balls to admit that he doesn't give a shit about fans' opinions, and that's great. He shouldn't live life appeasing to a bunch of sports fans. It's not a healthy way to live. Cary's philosophy is that family comes first, and I totally agree with that.
  3. DatL posted on 06/09/2013 11:36 PM
    Wow. The issue is so simple, what's there to discuss? Cary Williams may be lacking a bit of tact, but what he is saying is 100% correct. OTAs are voluntary. Case closed!!! It also irks me that Mike Missanelli is somehow trying to imply that just because Cary is "paid well" means that it is wrong for him to skip OTAs. What?! Why? NFL players are paid well because they spend their ENTIRE lives working for something that can be taken away with one random injury. That is, if they even make it to the NFL. For every "successful" NFL player, there are 1,000 talented athletes who are making exactly $0 playing football. It's simple economics. If NFL players weren't paid well, do you think anybody would be stupid enough to dedicate their lives to it? Committing yourself to being a professional athlete is a huge gamble. You take the risk, and if you are successful, you get paid. That's it.

    Props to Cary Williams for sticking to his guns and not explaining himself to anyone. He doesn't owe anyone an explanation, and Mike Missanelli is lucky that Cary took his time and effort to explain his point of view.
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