McNabb On The Hall Of Fame: "If You Ask Me And I Had All The Votes To Put Me In I Would Say Yes"
Posted 5/16/2013 3:00:00 PM

Eagles great Donovan McNabb joined Brian Baldinger and Harry Mayes Thursday morning to discuss a wide range of topics from where he stands among the all-time Eagles greats to whether or not the read option will be long for the NFL.

Speculation has been running rampant that McNabb’s ceremony would coincide with the return of Andy Reid to town in Week 3. McNabb made it pretty clear that that’s not the case – as of yet.

“I never put out the fact that it was going to be the Kansas City Game,” McNabb said, “I don’t know where that came out. I said that that I will be retiring as a Philadelphia Eagle and that they will be retiring my number at Syracuse.  Everybody kind of speculated the whole Kansas City game.

“We haven’t chosen the date yet. The ceremony is something that we’ve been communicating back and forth. I want [the retirement ceremony] to be something that is special. Not only for me but for the fans. We’re discussing some different things that we want to get done, that I would like to see get done. Everything right now is in the works, nothing is written in stone. It was just one step of acknowledging that I wanted to retire as a Philadelphia Eagle. As things continue to break down for the particular event I’ll let everyone know exactly what is going on.”

Whether or not his number should be retired is another issue that has been debated with fervor amongst fans and members of the media. McNabb sounded open to the idea of No. 5 never being worn again but he made it clear that it’s really not up to him and that talks concerning that gesture are in the extremely preliminary stages.

“We haven’t gone that far in different things. Syracuse is definitely retiring my number. I know [the Eagles] retired Dawkins’ number and that was well deserved. He deserved to be retired and no one should ever wear #20 again. We’re talking about different things. Everyone will know more information as we continue on. […] That comes down to Jeffrey Lurie. Lurie being the great owner of the Philadelphia Eagles obviously took a chance on me and Andy Reid in 1999. That’s will be Jeffrey’s decision as to what the next steps are.

“That’s really not my call. I would love for that to happen but if they don’t I won’t be upset about it. And with fan reaction I just hope that they just appreciate everything that we were able to accomplish as a team over a decade.”

McNabb also made it clear that he is happy with what he did in football even if it means he doesn’t end up in the Hall of Fame.

“You don’t play to say ‘I’m going to be a Hall of Famer, I’m gonna be this, I’m gonna be that.’ You play the game to make your mark, to build your legacy and how you wanted to be remembered. Stepping away from the game I think I made a good mark.”

The read option offense has been talked about at great lengths in recent years but McNabb thinks that it just isn’t for the NFL.

“I think it’s short lived because now defenses are game planning to hit the quarterback.  Now you put your quarterback in a tough situation because he’s sitting there reading the defensive end and you’re slanting your defensive line now that leaves your quarterback on an island to constantly get hit. You put your quarterback in a tough situation where you do a little play action and the quarterback is looking at the defensive end to try to find out where the pressure is coming from.”

He also doesn’t think that Chip Kelly will end up running the read option and that having a mobile quarterback is a bonus but not a necessity to get it done in his system.

“I think what we will see from this Chip Kelly offense won’t be read option. If you take a look at what they were doing at Oregon it was a shotgun offense. He said it during this whole coaching process that he does not run the read option. He’s not running the pistol offense. His offense is more downhill. Yes, he’ll be in the shotgun and they’ll be some play action fakes with it but you don’t have to be a mobile quarterback to run his offense.”

Posted By: John Lamb  

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