Kiper on taking a quarterback high: ' just take him. It’s all about the signal callers now.'
Posted 4/12/2013 1:30:00 PM

It’s clear that the Eagles need a new quarterback that fulfills the requirements of Chip Kelly to run his offense. Whether they grab that quarterback with their first pick remains to be seen.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. joined Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes to talk about what the Eagles will do with the number four overall pick. He thinks that they may select Geno Smith but it’s not set in stone – nor should it be.

“If they feel Geno Smith is going to be a great quarterback and suits what they’re going to want to do on offense you take Geno Smith, you don’t take the outside linebacker. If they had some hesitation and some concern about Geno Smith then you definitely take Jordan or another player at another position and you wait it out and figure out ‘Okay, we really like this other quarterback whoever it could be. We’ll get him in the early second round or we’ll wait for the third round like Seattle did with Russell Wilson.

“There’s different ways attack it, it just depends on who they really like at quarterback. They’ve got to get a quarterback at some point it just depends on how Chip feels about these seven or eight quarterbacks who are going to go in the first four rounds.

“I happen to believe that Geno Smith has a lot of ability. If you assess the board and say ‘Well, it’s too high’ but he’s a quarterback so you don’t worry about ratings, you just take him. It’s all about the signal callers now.”

EJ Manuel  was a sexy name thrown about a few months ago but Kiper thinks that if the Eagles go in that direction they’ll have to bring him along slowly which is something that just doesn’t happen very much with young quarterbacks in the NFL these days.

“EJ Manuel has read half the field and I think that’s where you talk about going through progressions, getting that head to the other side of the field, whipping it around, getting your footwork in line and making those accurate throws is something he’s going to have to work on whereGeno is already there. Geno knows how to read the whole field, see the whole field and make throws to his fourth or fifth option.”

“EJ is going to have to adapt to a whole different mode of operation in the NFL. I think it may take him a little bit more time. He has great physical ability, [he’s a] tremendous kid and has great character.

Posted By: John Lamb  

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