From The Gus Bus To The Chip Ship: How Quickly Things Can Change
Posted 1/16/2013 4:00:00 PM

It’s crazy just how quickly things can change in sports talk radio.

All day yesterday through most of this morning we were all about Seattle's defensive coordinator but that changed in a heartbeat after sources informed The Fanatic that not only was Chip Kelly back in play but that he was likely to take over the Eagles.

At 11:47am, Tony Bruno went on the air to break the big story:

“As you know, the Eagles’ coaching search is very fluid. Gus Bradley came and left and he went to Jacksonville. People are wondering why, what happened and what went wrong. And now we have a report. We have very good sources here at 97.5 The Fanatic. Not just me or Jon [Marks], there are a lot of people that work here that have a lot of good sources. I don’t like the throwing against the wall stuff that has been happening because a lot of people have been doing that, Jon. Our sources are saying that the reason why Gus Bradley didn’t leave here with a contract in hand to become the head coach – and we were speculating about this this morning because that’s all we could do at that time – that there may be something else going on here.

“And now we’re hearing from people who are pretty decent sources that the reason why Gus Bradley didn’t get the job last night is because there is another name in play and the name that is in play now is Chip Kelly.”

Twitter and Facebook went nuts. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen confirmed the story at noon:

Mort came on with Brian Baldinger, Jon Marks and Tony Bruno to talk about the process:

“What I was hearing – and I’m sure others were, too – was that there was a mystery candidate who was a college coach. For the last five hours it was, ‘Who is it? Who is it?’ and then you go and call a time-out and go back and think. Then I realized that Chip Kelly never had a press conference announcing that he was going back to Oregon; the athletic director announced it.

“I would say probably around 10:45am this morning had one source who said that Chip Kelly was back in this thing and then you guys put something out there about him being back in the thing and I’m sitting there saying, “Oh man, I can’t sit on this anymore. I’ve got to get a confirmation.”

That's how quickly things move in sports talk radio. One minute we're on the Gus Bus and the next we're all about the Chip Ship.

Posted By: John Lamb  

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  1. TylerE posted on 01/16/2013 04:45 PM
    How needlessly wordy Tony "the idiot" Bruno needed to be just to make the announcement. Its funny- this Fool was degrading the Eagles for their 9hr meeting with Chip as if he got sick of Lurie and constantly mocking Howie Roseman as coaching cancer and ultimately the team got the man they wanted.. and what about that smug, pompous douche Tony.. where's the apology for being 100% wrong.. No sports talk people never admit their dunderheads.. they just spout the next incorrect opinion even more defiantly
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