ESPN NFC East Writer Dan Graziano Joins Mikey Miss To Defend His Comments That Andy Reid Has Earned A Dignified Exit From Philadelphia
Posted 11/29/2012 3:21:00 PM

Dan Graziano joins Mikey Miss to defend his belief that Andy Reid has not only earned the respect and appreciation of Eagles Nation, but that his impending exit as head coach should be dignified.   

Posted By: Mike Missanelli  

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  1. TylerE posted on 11/29/2012 05:40 PM
    The only right that Andy Reid has earned is to be hogtied and roasted on an open spit. Its' not about his coaching or wins/losses... its about 14 long years of continual disrespect toward all the Eagles fans by refusing to ever answer the media's questions honestly and openly, especially after losses. This "put the blame on me.. I gotta do a better job" nonsense is truly offensive by now. Imagine if you were a parent and your child answered you every time with the same drivel...Or if you were a boss and your employee would only respond with the words Reid uses... Would it be acceptable? No... so what do fans take it in this situation? If Andy was any semblance of a Real man, he would own up to his mistakes and resign on his own.. But he's greedy (he wants that $5.5mil next year) and he's a coward who can't face a home life without football. Rich Kotite was a more likeable person than Reid & a better coach... which shows how little I regard Andy.
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