A Statement Regarding Darren Daulton
Posted 6/27/2013 2:05:00 PM

Darren Daulton has not been feeling well over the past two weeks. He went to the doctor who discovered two brain tumors and is scheduled for surgery early next week.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this difficult time. Of course we want to respect his privacy at a time like this, but if you would like to send him get well wishes you may do so at

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  1. PeteB_6390 posted on 06/27/2013 03:23 PM
    I'm raising a glass for a speedy recovery! "Right on"
  2. Jay posted on 06/27/2013 03:26 PM
    Hey Dutch !! - Best Wishes from everyone at The Brown Boxer - Clearwater Beach, FL. We all know you will beat this and we will see you soon on the patio - as always first round is on me!!!
  3. JoeD_6000 posted on 06/27/2013 03:35 PM
    I am shocked!! I listen religiously to his baseball talk on The Fanatic.
  4. dionnan posted on 06/27/2013 03:44 PM
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I've loved you since you were on the Phillies! I look forward to hearing good news about your recovery. May God bless you.
  5. JamesM_39 posted on 06/27/2013 05:20 PM
    My thoughts and prayers are with Dutch. Right on!
  6. RoyEisner posted on 06/27/2013 05:34 PM
    Dutch, I remember when you guys were going to the World Series , after you beat Atlanta, and came back to Philly International Airport. We got there at the fence around 1:30 PM. We were among the first ones there. I was lugging this big old cam-corder, which were very heavy back in the day. I think you guys got back around 9:00 PM. You and, Lenny and Harry were there and it was a great day and night. Dutch, you are a fighter who doesn't give up. You played through a lot of pain and you were a natural-born hero. It is no wonder that you were Harry Kalas's favorite team of all-time. Dutch, we are praying for you and I'm going to watch that recording of you guys coming back into the airport, I taped when we first got there, showing nobody else there, and again later when the crowds got there. I have never ever done anything like that before or after. it was worth waiting for you guys to get back to Philly. It was me and my wife, my son, and my wife's Avon lady, who was also a big Phillies fan. She is still alive and around 85 years old- the avon lady is 85, NOT my wife. Anyway, I know you will beat this because you are who you are.
    Again, our prayers are with you along with millions of other fans as well. Get better, and we look forward to when you return to your show. God Bless You, Dutch!!! We love you, dude!!!
  7. Durk_420 posted on 06/27/2013 06:16 PM
    Dutch, back in '02 I waited on you at a TGI Fridays in the Tampa airport. I just so happened to be wearing my '93 Phils shirt with Kruk, Dykstra, and you up front! You asked me to sit down with you and we talked for almost an hour about the Phillies. It is a moment I will always remember. You are one of my favorite Philadelphia heroes of all time. I know you are going to beat this cause that is the man you are. God bless ya, Dutch!
  8. JoshuaI posted on 06/27/2013 06:18 PM
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are the nicest player I have ever met. Praying for a fast recovery and GOD BLESS YOU DUTCH!
  9. johnh_9364 posted on 06/27/2013 06:39 PM

    We've never met and we may never meet but you are family. FAMILY. 'Nuff said.

    Prayers and love,

  10. JBauza45 posted on 06/27/2013 06:53 PM
    Darren Daulton is a truly wonderful person, who absolutely appreciated all of the fans. I will pray very hard for him. I just met him last week and he was mingeling with the entire place just like one of the people. It's a shame more athletes don't get it like he does. God Bless You Dutch
  11. michaels_2268 posted on 06/27/2013 08:33 PM
    Our prayers go out to Dutch and his (our) family. Will he beat it? ABSOLUTELY !!! RIGHT ON DD
  12. LarryH_3 posted on 06/28/2013 03:48 AM
    If anyone can beat it, Dutch will. Good Luck Man. We love you
  13. LuannK posted on 06/28/2013 09:00 AM
    Words cannot begin to express the horror I felt when I heard the news about Dutch.... the greatest Phillies Ball player ever!!! I grew up a Phillie fan coming from a home where Mom lived & breathed PHILLIES! She is 82 and with health slowly failing STILL A DIE HARD. I will never forget the 1993 World Series. I listen to Dutch as often as I can while in my car at the 6 pm hour and he always made me grin, snicker and/or LOL !!! I just loved listening to him .... and his "right on" lives in my head even more since this tragic news. Dutch is a fighter and with everything he's got and with all the love and support from family, friends and fans he will BEAT THIS! "When I was young" he was bar far the BEST LOOKING baseball player out there and to this day may I say he emits "hottness"! What a great guy! Keep Fighting!! EVERYONES PULLING for ya !!! Prayers from above will never end....
  14. JudyZ posted on 06/28/2013 09:14 AM
    Sending all good thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Get Well Soon!!
  15. SiobhanC posted on 06/28/2013 10:01 AM
    PRAYERS AND WELL WISHES FOR YOU DUTCH!!!!! As someone who has lived with 2 brain tumors my entire life(an optic glioma and neurofibroma) both are inoperable with no other treatments, I can somewhat relate and sympathize. I hope but nothing for the best for you in this scary and difficult journey. You have the entire Delaware Valley and then some pulling for you! KEEP UP THE PHIGHT!!!!
  16. GovindV posted on 06/28/2013 10:52 AM
    will come down to drink some beer with you when you all better .

    my sister had brain surgery, and she is doing well now

    good luck
  17. JohnV_9706 posted on 06/28/2013 04:36 PM
    Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn had great things to say about you when I quizzed them on all things 93 Phillies at a couple of Spring Training games, many years later. Said you were the best leader of all the ballplayers they had ever seen. Your toughness is legendary and if anyone can beat it you can. Wishing you the best and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  18. StevenP_2324 posted on 06/29/2013 09:22 AM
    I just want to send all my prayers and best wishes to you Dutch in this time of need .You were a very good player but, it pales to what a great person you are to all your fans and friends.I expect my next note to you will be for a speedy recovery and good health to you in the future.
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