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    Jayson Stark was a huge addition for what was then 950 ESPN in 2008. Jayson brought not only an incredibly knowledgeable background in baseball with him, but he also provided instant recognition that made listeners realize 950 ESPN was serious about becoming a big-time station. And that’s exactly what has happened with Jayson as our regular baseball insider and contributor. The Roy Halladay / Cliff Lee situation is a perfect example – while other outlets were trying to figure out what was happening, Jayson was calling in to the station to tell our listeners the latest scoop on exactly what was going on. In addition to appearances with breaking news Jayson is also a regular guest of Mikey Miss’ program Wednesdays at 4:30 PM during the baseball season.

    Jayson’s background in baseball is about as impressive as it gets for a journalist. He covered the Phillies for many years for the Philadelphia Inquirer – winning the Pennsylvania Sportswriter of the Year Award twice. From there he moved on to ESPN where Jayson has become a household name all across the country. Whether it’s writing for, appearing as a regular guest of Mike & Mike’s show or being a commentator on Baseball Tonight, Jayson’s love of baseball is obvious and his depth of inside knowledge is unbelievable!


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