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    The man who revolutionized what great Philadelphia sports radio is all about and in the process turned PM drive-time talk radio on its head, Mike Missanelli has been nothing short of a broadcasting tour de force since joining 950 ESPN in April, 2008. Mike’s sports acumen, witty pop-cultural references and overall fun persona are just a few of the many factors that draw listeners to the show and helped him ascend to #1. Listeners know that Mikey Miss is always there from 2:00 – 6:00 PM, whether it’s landing the biggest interviews, bringing forth Sound Off or consistently taking the back of Philly sports fans against the national pundits who wail away at us.

    For Mike the journey has been long and rewarding. A newspaper writer who started out on the high school beat in the area he moved up to the Philadelphia Inquirer and eventually made the transformation over to radio. Years on the air in the Philadelphia market provided the backdrop for what would become Mike’s greatest challenge and ultimately his greatest professional accomplishment: carrying 950 ESPN on his back so effectively that the powers-that-be decided to put all their chips in with the radio station – culminating in the creation of the first FM sports station in Philadelphia radio history and signing Mike to a new multi-year deal to ensure that he leads the way for years to come at 97.5 The Fanatic.


Anthony Gargano Joins Mike Missanelli To Announce Fantasy Fest

Anthony Gargano joined Mike Missanelli to announce the date of this year's Fanatic Fantasy Fest. Read more...

Anthony Gargano Joins Mike Missanelli To Talk About The Shore And Memorial Day Weekend

Morning show host Anthony Gargano joined Mike Missanelli to talk about their memories of going to the beach as kids, teased about each other's quirks, the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and more! Read more...

Psychic Crystal Shadows And Mike Tap Into The Supernatural For Hints About The NBA Draft Lottery

Psychic Crystal Shadows joins Mike in an attempt to decipher metaphysical forces and predict the NBA Draft Lottery. Read more...

Former United States Congressman Patrick Murphy Joins Mike Missanelli To Talk About The Amtrak Crash

Former Pennsylvania State Representative Patrick Murphy  joined Mike Missanelli to talk about last night's Amtrak crash in Port Richmond Read more...

Mike Missanelli Remembers Legendary Philadelphia Sports Writer Stan Hochman

Mike Missanelli remembers his time working with Philadelphia sports legend Stan Hochman and his influence on Mike's writing career Read more...

Mike Miss Interview Sandals Bahamas Golf Pro Richard Gibson

Mike Miss interviews Sandals Bahamas golf pro Richard Gibson.  Check it out.  Read more...

Mike Miss Interviews Brian Stewart, Exec Chef @ Sandals In The Bahamas

Mike Miss sat down with Sandals Bahamas executive chef Brian Stewart.  Check it out.  Read more...

Lafayette Coach Fran O'Hanlon Talks To Mike Missanelli About His Team's First Round Matchup With #1 Seed Villanova

Lafayette men's basketball coach Fran O'Hanlon joins Mike Missnaelli before his team's Thursday matchup with #1 seed Villanova.  Topics include: Read more...

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Here is the link to the Killer Mike music bed. 


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