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Johnny and Rob from Philly

A hipster dude and a real man's man talk sports. View Entry

Keith and Sean from Bensalem

The Has-Been and Never-Was talk about the second half of the Phillies season. View Entry

Rob and Sean from Haddon Heights

Rob and Sean try to tackle the tried and true topic of who would be on the Philadelphia Sports Mt. Rushmore. View Entry

Tom and Greg from Brigantine

The guys talk about which former Phillie they'd put on the current day roster. View Entry

Clifton and Lee from Reading

Cliff Lee. Get it??!? View Entry

James and Luis from Hammonton

How is this dude going to wear a Yankees jersey? View Entry

Dan and Tom from Philly

These guys have been debating sports for they want to do it on the radio. View Entry

Bill and Chris from Philly

The Brothers Fagan blend sports news, opinion, and analysis with a a family-fan perspective View Entry

Josh and Kyle from Wynnewood

The Parking Lot Heroes drop some serious NBA Draft knowledge. View Entry

Dan and Al from Lansdale

Dan and Al wonder what making the playoffs really means if you ultimately don't win the championship. View Entry
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