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Jen from Springfield

Jen shows some love for Darren Daulton. View Entry

Orlando from Chestnut Hill

Orlando rips Chris Bosh. View Entry

Ron from Norristown

Ron is a Cowboys fan. Wow. View Entry

Johnny and Rob from Philly

A hipster dude and a real man's man talk sports. View Entry

Britton from Philadelphia

Britton keeps it short, sweet and somewhat audible. View Entry

Sam from Philly

Sam offers congratulations to the Sixers for a job well done. View Entry

John from Philly

John filmed himself outside of our suite. Interesting... View Entry

Jamil from Philadelphia

Jamil says that basketball is more than just numbers. Beware, Sam Hinkie. View Entry

Jim from Souderton

Apparently Jim's baseball glove does all the talking for him. View Entry

Kyle from Medford

Kyle has had it up to hear with Jimmy Rollins swinging at the first pitch. View Entry
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