Jenna from West Chester

Jenna is bringing the FEM FANATIC FURY~!

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  1. MatthewC_13 posted on 06/20/2013 06:37 PM
    Very high passion and knowledge puts you at the top! good luck Jenna
    1. Jkri posted on 06/20/2013 10:01 PM
      @MatthewC_13 Thank you, Matthew!
  2. Faux_Dutch posted on 06/21/2013 11:55 AM
    Jenna nailed this video, she brought a passion and enthusiasm coupled with knowledge that I haven't seen from a lot of the other female entries. I thought Erica nailed hers as well, but this one hit home a little more for me, my favorite female entry thus far. Nice job.
    1. Jkri posted on 06/21/2013 12:41 PM
      @Faux_Dutch Thank you!! I certainly tried my best. :)
  3. EricaPhilly posted on 06/21/2013 03:32 PM
    Word, Jenna! I'm #TeamFoles, myself. Fresh year, and a building year. I don't expect miracles, but I want sustainable growth. Great picks!
  4. ZacharyE_8287 posted on 06/22/2013 12:39 PM
    That was awesome. Union talk is ALWAYS good. JackMac is our Future. Love this chick!!
    1. Jkri posted on 06/23/2013 09:31 PM
      @ZacharyE_8287 Hells yea! Wish I could have talked about more of them, but was limited with time. <3
  5. CowboyNation posted on 06/22/2013 12:50 PM
    I find her devotion to Philly sports to be unsettling....but she seems to know her stuff. Cowboys Rule!!!
    1. MatthewC_13 posted on 06/23/2013 07:23 PM
      @CowboyNation Cowboy, First off, her devotion to Philly sports is awesome & she has the excitement to talk about it in length, secondly.... EAGLES rule the world in this town!
  6. Jkri posted on 06/25/2013 09:37 PM
    I would just like to add that Jack Mac is rumored to have been added to the 23 man roster for the Gold Cup tourney... HUGE DEAL for Philly Sports. He is one of the youngest, with the likes of Adu and Donovan.. I know y'all know those names.
  7. KelseyK posted on 06/27/2013 07:13 PM
    This girl is freakin' awesome! It's about time there is a lady on 97.5 who is not only smokin', but ACTUALLY KNOWS sports! Not gonna lie, having her on would make me want to listen more. You go girl!!!
    1. Jkri posted on 07/02/2013 04:26 PM
      @KelseyK Thanks, Kelsey K!!
  8. ron_1980 posted on 07/01/2013 02:06 PM
  9. JBarch posted on 07/02/2013 04:14 PM
    I would wish you good luck, but it looks like you don't need any! Great video!
    1. Jkri posted on 07/02/2013 04:26 PM
      @JBarch Thank you kindly!! :)
  10. MatthewC_13 posted on 07/03/2013 12:11 PM
    Jenna, now the waiting begins...... crossing my fingers & toes we make the finals!!!!
    1. Jkri posted on 07/03/2013 02:38 PM
      @MatthewC_13 blah. im so nervous. I WANT THIS SO BADLY!
  11. Tim B posted on 07/04/2013 01:50 PM
    Great video Jenna! You clearly know your stuff and you care. Please go easy on the rest of us, okay?
    1. Jkri posted on 07/05/2013 08:56 AM
      @Tim B Thanks, Tim!! I have it all I had.. Except my hair :)
  12. MatthewC_13 posted on 07/12/2013 05:13 PM
    Congrats Jenna!!!! I had faith in you. Good luck and please win this contest. p.s. I'm shocked I didn't make the finals :( In my opinion they didnt pick the best 3 men..
  13. Jkri posted on 07/12/2013 09:21 PM
    Thank you!! I was rooting for you :( I am hoping I can continue on. I'm in Vegas the day thy want me in the studio. Thanks for the support!! Call in if I win :)
    1. MatthewC_13 posted on 07/12/2013 09:57 PM
      @Jkri Makes me happy you were rooting for me. :) I'll call in a lot when you win Jenna! good luck in the studio.. If you ever want to talk let me know.
  14. MatthewC_13 posted on 07/17/2013 09:22 PM
    You did an amazing job Jenna!!! Just heard your segment and wishing you the very best. You know I'm rooting for you~ p.s. you handled yourself awesomely and I hope you win Matt :)
    1. Jkri posted on 07/18/2013 08:00 PM
      @MatthewC_13 Thank you so much Matt! It was a CRAZY experience to say the least...
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