Sixers Lucky Charm Voting

The winner is #1 - Jake from Cherry Hill's Pieces from a Backboard breaking Darryl Dawkins dunk  



"Attached is my families submission for the Sixers Lucky Charm Contest. We have two pieces of a backboard broken from the December 5th, 1979 game against the San Antonio Spurs at the Spectrum. The pieces are enclosed in an envelope from the Sixers that reads

Genuine 'Darryl Diamonds'
Mined- The Spectrum, Phila, PA
When- 12-5-79
How- Gusto Dunk"

These backboard pieces would make the perfect lucky charm and bring back the Sixers good mojo from the late 70's and early '80's championship year. The pieces are small enough so that they will easily fit into the pocket of our Draft Lottery representative. We would love if our families items could bring a top pick to the Sixers!




Here are the other finalists...


 #2 - Steven from Lafayette Hill's Lucky Frog

"This frog lucky charm will help us "leap frog" the Milwaukee Bucks and get the #1 draft pick!!"










#3 - Pasquale from Mount Royal, NJ's Rocky Balboa Ball from the original ROCKY.

"My lucky charm attached is an authentic 1976 Spalding black ball used in the first Rocky movie.  What better charm then Philly's own Rocky Balboa in the Year 1976.  This is the ball Sylvester Stallone is seen bouncing through the streets of Philadelphia throughout Rocky 1.  Like an underdog Rocky was, the Sixers face a similar scenario.

My grandmothers house on Jackson Street, Philadelphia, PA was a scene in the film where Rocky walks Little Marie home.  The house used was my grandmothers'.  After shooting one day, Stallone came by the house and had lunch with my entire father's side of the family.  This is where my grandmother acquired the ball, directly from Sly Stallone himself.

Upon her recent passing, the ball was given to me as I am a huge fan of the Rock series, having very close ties to South Philadelphia.  This ball is displayed at my house for all big Philadelphia sports games including the 2008 Phillies World Series, Flyers 4 game comeback against Boston Bruins etc.  There would be no better charm than this."




#4 - Chris from Philadelphia's Lucky Pocket Watch

#5 - Ryan from Langhorne's Lucky Horseshoe


Sorry, This contest is unavailable.

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