[ON-AIR] Fanatic Grand Slam

We are giving away $1,000 - 3X a day.  It’s our Fanatic GRAND SLAM contest!  Listen each day at 8a, 12noon and 4p to win. 

This will be a text in contest. The text number will be 89448.  Write it down now, save it in your phone, text it to yourself.  

PLUS, each hour that we do the contest we will give you a different CODE to text to that number. The code changes every time so you have to listen at 8a, 12noon and 4p.  

Contest ends April 18th.


You can enter online here 

Shortcode is 89448.

Keyword: Is the word the DJ tells you to Text in. You can TYPE it in via the link above.


This is a Greater Media Philadelphia group contest. Those texting in will be competing against listeners from WMGK's sister radio stations - WMMR, WBEN-FM, WPEN.   


This is a Greater Media contest.   

CLICK HERE for contest rules. 

Sorry, This contest is unavailable.

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