Win Superman Unbound on Blu-ray Combo Pack!

Based on the best selling graphic novel, Superman: Brainiac, comes an all new DC Universe Original Animated movie Superman Unbound. Millions under siege, one Superman to save them all. Superman Unbound now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and download!

"Superman: Unbound" is an action packed Superman film – the character takes part in more untamed action than most Superman films of the past. No holds barred, the restraints tossed aside – Superman has been “unbound” to take on Brainiac in a full-throttle battle to save Metropolis/Earth and the people of Kandor/Krypton, and to show his cousin Kara the full potential of their Kryptonian powers.

Click the photo below to be taken to their webpage for more information!

Enter now to win the combo pack which includes Blu-Ray, DVD and Ultraviolet

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